Introducing the Socentix Blockchain, Metaverse and NFT Solutions based on our Social Entrepreneurship Investments Exchange Multi-community Funding Platform.

Strategic Investment Opportunities but with a focus on Digital Asset Infrastructure. Strategic Consulting providing insights to focus and optimize Business Strategy in the Financial Engineering, Wealth Management Technology. Introduction to our curated Capital Network of sophisticated investors. Structuring & Design of digital assets including Tokenomics & Business development. Find partners who see value in emerging tech to improve their Business & Valuation. Provide independent valuation for underlying asset.

Socentix is a blockchain company builder based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are a group of Entrepreneurs & Engineers building the infrastructure for a decentralized future. Having established a presence in the heart of SCBD, Jakarta over 17 years today.



Socentix operates the Enterprise Metaverse Platform for immersive engangements based on each Users/Company culture to support daily standups, training & development, professional, Academic and Cultural events.


At Socentix, we are sharing our knowledge and know-how to make crypto accessible to the mainstream. Which is why we share some of the most beloved experiences for onboarding fiat into the world of Defi and Ethereum.

Over the course of 2021, NFTs became the "tip of the spear" on cultural adoption for crypto, with dozens of collections and tens of thousands of unique goods gaining mainstream cultural recognition. In 2022 and beyond, we're excited to turn our attention toward the focal point of crypto,s mainstream adoption: NFTs.


David Darmawan
Founder & CEO
Phone: +62 819 1618 1616